The Maro's company, which is placed in Suvereto - Fontanella (Livorno), is purchased by Vasco Marconi in 1980, after being realized the suitability of the land for the culture of grapes. Vasco planted San Giovese's vines, for about 8 hectares, just from those years the wine's production was quite limited, about 7500 liters/hectares, in order to improve the quality of wine.
The stums are vinified in a little cellar in the cement barrels for being passed into the barrels of durmast, where the wine rests before bottling. The final product was a powerful and structured wine, which was being bottled by Vasco in classical Bordeaux bottles, not for making profit, but only for homaging to the guests and friends. The tradition of producing wine that was born with him, and continues today with his grandchild Alessandro.