The new vineyards implanted are CABERNET SAUVIGNON,
FRANC, PETIT VERDOT and MERLOT, with the collaboration of a famous agronomist.
The vineyards, raise to rammed cord, produce to you approximately 55-60 quintal/ hectare of grape.
The typology of the grapes is subdivided for 85% from Cabernet
remaining Sauvignon and 15% from Cabernet Franc, petit, verdot, merlot.
The favorable climate and an exceptional land gives life to a wine of
great organoleptic characteristics, the land and in great rich pebble part with a good water-drainage, preventing to have the lives in stress
for the stagnations of water during the winter.
In summer instead, the vine does not suffer of water stress, thanks to 
water tank that maintains the land always fresh, in this way the grapes
has regular maturations also in the periods of greater drought.
The rendered system of breeding and the lowest one of grape for stock, give an always healthy and rich product in sugar, tannins, extracted etc. The vinification happens in stainless steel vats from 65 until 130 hl. with possibility of thermal conditioning of the fermentative
process. The wine comes therefore refined in oak barrels from 225 lt.12 months for the MARO', and 18 months for Vasco Marò.
Subsequently improved in bottle for 6 months in order then to be put in